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To use technology and product innovation to make insurance more affordable, understandable and easy to purchase.

Our Mission is our Constitution.

Most Canadians don’t understand the differences between the many forms of life insurance protection they can buy. They don’t know how much life insurance they need, how much it should cost and why they can’t buy it online. They are confused when an insurance agent talks to them about “whole life” or “term insurance” and their banks talk to them about “mortgage life” protection. How are these different and which should you buy? Should you deal with your bank or do you need to find an insurance agent?

Our goal at AIME Financial is to help provide you with answers to these important questions either on-line or by talking to a friendly and informed advisor who will take the time to help you figure out what is the right choice for you and your family. This can all be done in the comfort of your home, without a pushy agent or bank employee trying to sell you something you’re not sure you want or need.

We’ll help explain product choices, compare prices and show you how to make sensible decisions about your life insurance needs. We’ll show you how you can purchase protection to cover your largest single financial liability - your mortgage - on-line, and at a significantly lower price than you would find at a bank. For example, our newly released 20/20 line of products reinvents traditional mortgage creditor insurance, providing Canadians with a simple, inexpensive, on-line alternative to the mortgage life products offered by their banks. If you have the need to buy additional insurance to provide your family with income replacement protection we can show you to do that easily and inexpensively.

You're in Good Company!

We are passionate, driven and committed to improving, enhancing and expanding the user experience with a core focus of helping as many people as possible, achieve a peace of mind.

Our group was assembled by the company's founders with the intent to attain the trifecta of human capital required to develop an innovation machine with the energy and torque to make an impact. These groups include:

  • Regulatory + Compliance
  • Marketing + Research
  • Development + IT

Our experienced team brings multidisciplinary perspectives to the Besurance group and couples in depth knowledge of the financial services industry.

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